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« Everything relating to knowledge bears a number. »
  Philolaos (Pythagorean philosopher 470 – c. 385 BCE)


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Have a true projection of your inner self!

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Have a true projection of your inner self!

Try a free numerology reading!

The Science of Numbers...

Numerology also called Arithmancy, s the study of human being through the symbolism of numbers. To determine which are the numbers that influence a person, the numerologist refers to the birth date as well as to the native name and the first/middle names declared at birth (our new Maia method also takes into account the influence of the native mother's name). This information allows him to calculate many key numbers that serve the analysis.

Some aspects concern the personality of the native one while others tend to specify what will his destiny be like.

The Numeyoga Project

Because of his growing interest for numerology, W. Pochat decided to develop Numeyoga, a complete Numerology software that satisfies as much the neophyte that the enlightened amateur. Numeyoga is also used by many professionals. There are two versions. The latest works online and the previous one runs on Windows 10/8/Seven/Vista/XP.


Main characteristics of the 4.8.1 version:
• Run Unlimited Reports for your loved ones and yourself!
• From the beginning an easy-to-use interface
• Three Methods for calculations (American, French and the new Maia method from Michel Pirmaïer)
• Numerological Profile (Life Chart) with a more sensitive analysis
• Forecasts for a year, a month, a day
• Additional modules: Agreement Between Two Persons, Professional Orientation, Firm, Serial Number and Health
• Tables for all numerological calculations (with all sub-numbers!)
• Inclusion you can freely define
• Table of Destiny with potential major events in Life
• Biorhytms
• Many alphabets available for calculations (English/French, German, Danish/Norwegian, Spanish before and from 1994, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish) because one of the elementary rule in Numerology is to use the native alphabet. An Italian must use the italian alphabet
• Setup for many configuration types
• Additional help is provided through the tooltips and the status bar
• Complete useful Help file in HTML format

Additional features in the Professional version:

• Run and sell Royaltee Free Unlimited Reports!
• More detailed analysis of the Life Path
• Year by year, all numerological transits in a single table
• A powerful Assistant for the interpretation
This is a special help that will delight the beginner who wants to learn more as well as the professional numerologist during consultation in live.
Click and access to three kinds of help with the mouse. When you leave the cursor on a value of the table of results of a Native Chart or annual forecasts, you obtain useful indications in a tooltip.
If the tooltip background is yellow you have information about which fields are concerned (health, studies, job...). If it is green, this is the numerological formulae for calculations (for example the different ways to calculate the Life Path).
When the cursor converts itself into a small black rectangle on a specific value (Life Key, Expression Key...) you obtain the numerological interpretation by clicking with the right button. By this way, you can have instant access to a particular aspect of the active theme.
• Use your own value for each letter according your method or specific values like hebraic
• Customize the banner to display at the end of the charts.

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